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Good Management Practices

We have simplified good management practices by using years of organizational research as well as the proven science behind positive psychology and peak performance. Our tools help companies improve communication, strengthen relationships, drive performance, and enable development.

Simplified Data

Improve Communication

The speed of innovation at your company is limited by the quality of communication. Creating time for good 1-on-1 meetings helps information flow within and between teams. We help team-members and managers hold effective 1-on-1s.

Strengthen Relationships

Strong relationships are a necessary base for productive teams. Studies have shown that consistent and open recognition can help strengthen relationships. We help employees make appreciation a habit.

Drive Performance

Your company's survival depends on the ability of each team to perform. Research has found five key aspects of work that lead to individual peak performance (or flow). We help each individual leverage flow.

Enable Development

The world is changing rapidly and your company has to adapt to thrive. Timely and balanced feedback helps employees perform and grow by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We help teams provide meaningful feedback.

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1-on-1 Meeting Tracker

The relationship between team-members and their managers is crucial to both employee engagement and communication. At the heart of that relationship is the 1-on-1 meeting. We provide managers and team-members with a simple tool to track these meetings and get the most out of their time together.

Recognition Feed

One of the best ways to understand a company's culture is to see what people are celebrating and why they are recognizing each other. With our 'Company Activity' page, employees can immerse themselves in your company's culture in a fun way.

Performance Feedback

Meaningful performance feedback is essential for employees who want to grow. We make it easy for everyone to get the right feedback at the right time from the right people. We also provide customizable feedback templates, so no matter what your employees do, we can help them get the feedback they need to improve.

Flow Check-Ins

Unlocking the true potential of each person does not have to be complicated. We have taken the science behind peak performance and set up five simple questions that pin-point exactly what action can lead to people getting in the flow at work.

User Friendly Dashboard

We believe that taking meaningful action based on data should not require a degree in rocket science. So we make it easy for everyone to easily digest the data, take action, and build positive habits.