How it all began

Fluxaware was founded on the belief that people want to impact the world in a positive way. One place where people can have this impact is at work. Yet, many companies struggle to engage their employees. This is because organizational practices inherited from the industrial age have not fully embraced the age of innovation.

Our founders want to help modernize these practices in a simple and intuitive way. And they have plenty of experience doing that. They led the effort at Zappos in creating people systems to measure culture, drive engagement, and adapt to a new organizational structure. In 2015, Abe and Darshan created Fluxaware to simplify engagement for employees of all companies.


Darshan Bhatt

Co-founder & Engineer: making it simple.

Darshan is a simple guy who loves technology, people, and simplicity. As a child he would always tinker with anything he could get his hands on to see what made things tick. This tendency led him to pursue a career in technology. His first big project was researching ways to bring augmented reality to education as a part of his thesis project. He enjoyed taking complex ideas and making them accessible for students ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. Darshan didn't realize it at the time, but he had found his passion for simplifying ideas and bringing them to life for people through technology.

He continued simplifying complex concepts in areas such as data visualization, health care, marketing, and gaming. Eventually he joined the Enterprise Data Warehousing team at Zappos. He worked on improving the security and maintainability of the data systems for about a year. After which, he became interested in measuring and driving culture through technology. He helped create tools to better understand culture by analyzing connectedness, core values, and performance. His focus was on creating simple systems that helped employees get the data and insights they needed to work in a self-organized environment.

Along the way, Darshan found that simplifying and updating HR systems had a huge impact on engagement. So he began to pursue a larger vision of changing the way people work by simplifying and modernizing work-place practices.


Abraham Jimenez

Co-founder & UX: making it fun and intuitive.

Abe's love for art came at an early age when he began collecting and drawing comic books. His older brother was the first to introduce him to Photoshop, in an effort to get Abe to stop coloring (and ruining) original comics. Abe aspired to become a full time graphic designer just like his older brother. He didn't want to leave his hometown in San Diego, California after graduating high school. So, he enrolled at San Diego State University to study design where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Abe now has over ten years of experience working in industries such as Non-Profit Health Agencies, Web Design Boutiques and E-commerce. During his stay at Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD), Abe focused on creating state-wide health campaigns for improving people's health and creating awareness on key health issues. He eventually left FHCSD and relocated to Las Vegas, where he joined Zappos.

He worked on Zappos' sister site as their Design Manager for 3 years. Although this was a bigger role than at FHCSD, it did not inspire positive change in people's lives the same way. Hoping to have a similar impact, Abe turned his focus on internal HR systems. There he pioneered culture centric design principles and improved engagement with all HR systems. His focus was creating custom and innovative experiences to support the implementation of self-management practices. He found that a fun and intuitive experience with HR tools had a positive impact on employees. This discovery led to Abe pursuing a larger vision of changing the way people work by making fun and intuitive systems for the modern work-place.